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ALERION s.r.o.

ALERION is a Czech innovative producer of flags and banners and other products from the area of heraldry, vexilology, polygraphy and advertisement with more than 18 years of experience. They offer professional products and services, starting from a unique and original draft until the very end of precise production.

They provide professional product labeling (badges and labels), production of ceremonial symbols like medals, coins, decorations, insignias), realization of flagships through masts and flags and production of original hand-made flags, banners and coats of arms. They combine the traditional craft production with the current use of high-tech technologies and modern materials.


ALERION s.r.o.

Address: Chaloupkova 1, 612 00 Brno - Královo Pole

Contact person: Mgr. Tomáš Pokorný, jednatel

Tel: +420 544 500 202