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Vítkovice ÚAM a.s.

Vítkovice ÚAM a.s. provides an applied and experimental research and provides the services in the area of technical calculations and analyses in mechanical engineering and construction. The main company activity is focused on numerical, static, dynamic and experimental analyses of energy devices and constructions during the process of their design or on the solution of technical problems arising from their operation.

The company has been involved in assessing the reliability and durability of structures, operating equipment and piping systems. Furthermore they focus on assessment of technical conditions, operational capability, optimization of control of structures and equipment, especially in the energetics, chemical and petrochemical industries. 


Address: Ruská 2887/101, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava

Contact person: Ing. Jiří Novotný

Tel: +420 725 404 730