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MOTMOT Company, s. r. o.

MOTMOT company is a local coffee roaster in Brno. They are primarily engaged in the import and roasting of coffee. As co-founders, four brothers, the whole team, rely on a personal approach and direct contact with local farmers and coffee growers in the coffee belt countries. This is what allows them to import, roast and prepare high-quality selected coffee with a personal story. The story that began with a cup of good coffee on a plantation in Nicaragua. They found the first growers and suppliers of MOTMOT coffee in this landscape. They have been taught there how the coffee is grown, harvested and processed. That is why the company is named after the Nicaraguan national symbol, a bird called MOTMOT, which is a bearer of elegance and variety. 


Contact Person: Pavel Klein

Phone number: +420 775 957 969