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KreatIN project meeting

A final meeting on KreatIN project took place in our science and technology park on December 4, 2014. KreatIN project is focused on Creativity and innovation within global market. 

This conference, that was under the patronage of Regional Chamber of Commerce for Southern Moravia, introduced the outputs of KreatIN project that is focused on support of innovation and business development within the universities´ graduates.

Project KreatIN focuses on elimination of backwardness causes through:

  1. Skills development of young people, students and start-up companies so as they adopt the skills that are needed for effective business processes management.
  2. Development of participants´ business activities based on the support and implementation of innovation and creativity.
  3. Training manuals supporting business development and cooperation with other enterpreneurs from other regions.
  4. Improvement of professional level of young start-up companies so as they are able to succeed in their own and other regions as well as within the third market.

The following speakers appeared:

Ing. Martina Klacková from SLCP (Slovakian productivity center) analysed the project impact.

Ing. Vít Hřiba from Regional Chamber of Commerce for Southern Moravia introduced manual for start-up enterpreneurs and innovators.

Ing. Michala Dostálová from Technical University in Ostrava introduced manual for lecturers.

Ing. Aleš Trnka, managing director of Českomoravská  záruční a rozvojová banka, a.s. introduced support of innovative projects.

After the handover of lecturers´ certificates a tour over our science and technology park took place and presentation of ACAM Solution s.r.o., one of our start-up companies, followed.

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