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Hello there,

we’re reaching out to you because we wish to join forces with all the like-minded people that want to see startups from the CEE region thrive! Together, we’ve put this part of Europe on the startup map, but we can do even greater things. :)

You’ve probably heard about Podim. It’s one of the best and most influential startup and tech conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. This year it’s happening from 17th to 19th of May in Maribor, Slovenia.

It’s going to be the first-ever hybrid version of Podim - happening live and digitally at the same time. Even if startups won’t be able to travel to Slovenia, they’ll still get the full Podim experience. We’ve held a very successful digital conference in 2020 and if you have any questions regarding the format, let us know.

You can learn more about Podim, by clicking here and downloading our brochure. We also invite you to check out our freshest Podim 2021 teaser video.

So, why should startups attend Podim?

·        They’ll be exposed to 100+ highly motivated investors and will get the chance to have plenty of 1-on-1 meetings with them.


·        They’ll be able to discuss ideas and plans with various industry leaders and get invaluable feedback. There are only 1000 attendees so speakers and experts don’t just disappear in the crowd.


·        They’ll make new connections, get new leads and perhaps even find a strategic partner.

However, only approximately 150 chosen startups will get the chance to attend Podim. And it’s impossible to get chosen without applying (obviously :)).

What’s in it for your incubator?

·        Your incubator will be published in our startup catalogue that is sent to all our investors and business executives. If any of your startups attend Podim, we’ll make it clear it’s a startup from your incubator.

·        If at least 5 of your startups go through both rounds of the application process, you’ll get 1 free attendee ticket.

·        If 2 of your startups are going to get selected and will attend Podim, you’ll get 1 free attendee ticket.

Podim is all about startup growth and development. If there are any startups in your incubator that could benefit from such an event (we’re sure there are), let them know about Podim.

They can apply here.

Have a great day,
Vesna, Startup Coordinator at Podim

PS: If you’d be interested in becoming a Podim partner or cooperating with us, let us know and I’m sure we can reach a win-win agreement. We are sure that together we can make the future of this region even brighter and attract investors and corporations from all over the world. :)



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